Paper Recycling

What Is Paper Recycling?

Today, more individuals are concerned about recycling an assortment of materials, including paper products such as documents and newspapers. Paper recycling companies understand how to treat a variety of different paper products such as newspaper, paper towels and food containers to reuse the materials in new products. When paper is collected, it is separated by type and stacked into sections. It is essential to sort the printed types of paper from the plain paper so that the processing plant can remove the inks with a specialized chemical process. The different sections of paper are tied together for the transportation process to a processing plant.

How Is Paper Recycled?

The paper recycling process involves placing the materials in water to degrade the items, and in some cases, the water is also heated. Some paper recycling plants use machines to stir and chop the materials. After the paper dissolves, this slurry or pulp is strained with fine-mesh screens to remove any remaining plastics or glues. Next, the pulp or slurry is washed and bleached before it is mixed with more water. This sanitized pulp is suitable for reusing in many types of paper products, and most paper recycling companies will print a label on an item to inform consumers that it was recycled.

Why Is Recycling Paper Important?

There are several reasons why paper recycling is popular, including protecting the environment and saving money. Rather than chopping down more trees, manufacturers have decided that recycling paper is an excellent way to protect the earth’s forests. In addition, less energy is used to process old paper into new paper than to cut down trees and transport the items to a paper mill. Research has revealed that paper recycling saves many trees. Two tons of wood is saved when one ton of copier or printer paper is recycled. Alternatively, one ton of wood is saved when one ton of newspaper is recycled into new paper.

Paper Recycling Also Saves Energy

Several government agencies have determined that by recycling paper, it is possible to save 40 to 65 percent of the energy required for making new paper from wood. This is a significant difference that leads to paper products that cost less, and in addition, it helps to prevent pollution that can affect the earth’s air, soil and water. An additional benefit from Paper Recycling Services Melbourne by AB Recycling is that the trash isn’t transported to landfills. Throughout the world, more countries and paper manufacturers are learning the importance of reusing paper in new ways to protect the earth. In many cities, residents are required to sort trash into different materials so that the recycling process is easier.

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