What began as a quest to learn the art of blacksmithing has led me to a passion that I never would have imagined…. creating junk metal sculptures for home and garden.

Please feel free to browse the porfolios of birds, insects, flowers and other miscellaneous items all created from old tools and junk metal.

Sit back, relax and enjoy…And watch out for the rust!

Merrell Shoes Take You Where You Want to Go

Merrell Shoes Take You Where You Want to Go
Your feet have to be a top priority. They take on the daily grind, no matter what you throw at them. Whether you are on the go all day long at work, you are into extreme fitness, or you are about to take on a strenuous hike, you need shoes that can go the distance. Merrell shoes at http://www.brandhousedirect.com.auMarel4/a/collections/brand-merrell will rise to the challenge, getting you where you have to go for the duration. They are designed to stand up to the test and give your feet the support you need to keep on going.

Shoes with a Reputation You Can Count On
Merrell shoes have a solid reputation that comes with every pair. You are investing in quality and comfort when you Marel2choose Merrell shoes. When you need shoes that will give your feet room to breathe and have traction to keep you on course, look to one shoe company that you can rely on every time. You can’t let your feet down. Problems with your feet can lead to issues with your back and will have a major impact on your mobility. If you plan on being on the move and want to keep it that way, choose Merrell shoes.

It’s All About Versatility
The manufacturers of Merrell shoes make customer satisfaction a top priority. That means offering a variety of shoes that suit a variety of purposes. Whether you are serious about running, want to hit the trail, or need an everyday shoe, Merrell shoes will fit the bill. They are stylish, but it is the support offered by every pair that is most important. You won’t only look good when you are wearingMarel3 your Merrell shoes. Your feet will thank you. Opt for a pair to wear to work and another pair for when you are relaxing at home. Don’t forget to find the right sneakers or hikers when you plan to be active. Your feet have to carry you home. Be sure to choose shoes that can take you all the way. Merrell shoes are built to last. They won’t quit before you do.